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Business Consulting

Many people don't just wake up one day and think, "Um...I think I'll start a business today". There are usually a series of events that take place that make some of us decide we can do this on our own. If you are an entrepreneur- or are thinking about starting a business, it is no simple task. Many people don't quite know where to start and give up because they have become overwhelmed with all the information displayed online and on social media. Luckily, here at Tenacity Blue Media we are here to partner with you and assist you with the steps it takes to package your idea, project or concept into a real and profitable business. Furthermore, we help you brainstorm, create the perfect branding color scheme (using scientific color theory) and create unique and appealing logos for your brand. We can help you understand the difference between business entity's (Sole Proprietor, LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnership and Cooperative) and help you choose the best legal structure for your company -we will handle and submit all the paperwork needed for your state. Need articles of incorporation or an Operating Agreement for your financial institution? We can easily draft those for you too-let us handle the paperwork while you focus on developing the avenues of revenue that can really make an impact for your business.

We offer Startup Business Setup like State Filings, EIN number registration, business credit counseling (this is a process), Tradename filing and other services either required by State and Federal guidelines or that protect your business interests. Let's talk about where you are in the process and where you need to be to begin this fulfilling and exciting entrepreneurial experience. We will get your business verified, validated and legitimized to start your journey off right!

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