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Search Engine Marketing, also known as PPC Management involves a series of techniques that research, obtain and measure data to ensure leads are being generated and ad budgets are being fully optimized for best results. Generally  there are 8+ steps in the process that include:

*Research and Data collection for the Line of business - what Keywords, Search terms and Phrasing are online shoppers using to search for companies like yours with services you offer? Who is my the Target Audience? We personally like a mix of Psychographics and Demographics

*Unique campaign development and structure for your marketing dollars- this is the formation of moving those ideal Keywords into Ad Groups to launch individually targeting campaigns around services or products you provide.

*Ad Copy Writing - using appealing and modern text to create user-friendly ads to gain Click-Through traffic and drive web conversions.

*Maximize the ad budget- continuous management of the budget bids, click volume, and other factors to ensure the best client return on Ad spent.

*Develop and deploy clients Landing Page or website- the page is submitted and accept by the search engine, quality score rankings begin and placement and positioning occurs.

*Reporting and data collection-metrics are obtained for a measure of performance, leads conversion, site traffic, new visitors (to consider for retargeting strategies) ad effectiveness, ad fatigue and other factors.

*Check all Campaign settings- pull back what's not working and push what is!

*Performance recommendations- this is where the magic happens! All the tools are used to fully optimize campaign performance on an on-going basis.


Never set and forget! Have your Google Ad Campaign professionally managed to limit waste and increase your bottom line! or Call 904-490-9028 Today!

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