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Social Media Advertising

Creating your company's Facebook Page and posting on Social Media sites is just a start. It takes more than that to truly fuel a Social Media Marketing Campaign. It takes a created and thoughtful strategy, which includes industry, demographic and market research to appear in front of the people who are likely to do business with you. Let us guide you using industry leading resources and targeted campaign strategies to enhance your current campaign or start a solid one that gets results. Don't waste anymore time and effort on your Social Media Posts- let us create, manage and handle it for you.


Social Media Advertising is best used for brand introductions, consideration & loyalty campaigns and event/special postings. It allows for a granular targeting of customers by several different metrics for optimum engagement to a sought after audience. Each platform is different and appeals to a select audience. Tenacity Blue Media will help you choose the platform that is most ideal for your business and audience.

  • Gain Audience Exposure

  • Build your Brand with consistent, positive and timely Social Posts

  • Rank higher with the addition of Social Media engagement

  • Attract and Maintain your consumer base with loyalty initiatives 

  • Drive interests with new promotions and updated images 

Utilize modern day technology like Instagram Reels. Tik Tok, Facebook and LinkedIn to attract and gather your preferred audience and introduce your products and services right where they stand...literally with device in hand! Call (904) 4590-9028 or email

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